Ramesh Srivastava (formerly of Voxtrot) Releases Debut Solo Album


Back in 2005 Texas indie pop group Voxtrot released their debut EP Raised By Wolves, a group of songs overflowing with instantly hummable melodies and a twee aesthetic that easily appealed to fans of bands like Belle & Sebastian and The Smiths.  Frontman Ramesh Srivastava (who is half-Indian with a father from Uttar Pradesh and a mother from New Jersey) places his earnest, wide-eyed vocals front and center and the young songwriter showed an intuitive grasp of song craft – he wrote all the tracks on the EP when he was just 19.)

The group soon put out another EP and both releases received acclaim from the music press, helping Voxtrot to sign to Beggars Banquet Records (St. Vincent, The National, Arthur Lee.)  However shortly after released their first full-length album the band dissipated in 2010.  In Srivastava’s words: “The career path of Voxtrot was truly one of long, simmering build, explosion, and almost instantaneous decay.”

Fortunately fans finally have new material from Srivastava, in the form of his self-released solo debut under the moniker Ramesh.  Titled The King, the album is less guitar-driven with more lush, sweeping ballads that his output in Voxtrot.  But as Pitchfork points out in their review of the album today, The King is not too far off his previous work.  Voxtrot fans should definitely give it a listen – head over to his Bandcamp page to stream the full thing.

image credit: http://consequenceofsound.net/2014/01/former-voxtrot-frontman-ramesh-srivastava-releases-debut-album-the-king/


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