Listen to Two Tracks off Singer/Producer TĀLĀ’s Debut EP


A few weeks ago London-based singer/producer TĀLĀ shared “The Duchess,” the title track from her upcoming debut EP, out June 2nd on Aesop Label. The track features her disembodied vocals, processed to sound like a wailing digital ghost, paired with haunting, dance-floor ready production. Despite emerging seemingly out of nowhere the young musician, who is of Iranian descent, already has a fully formed sound.

This week TĀLĀ shared “Serbia,” another song from the EP. Once again ominous bass lines, bright synths, and stuttering drums drive the track but TĀLĀ’s vocals have a more prominent pop and R&B influence this time around. Little info is available on the up-and-comer but Aesop Label’s website mentions “classical music, 90s hip-hop and R&B, and computer game soundtracks” as her formative influences.

If these tracks are any indication TĀLĀ should be able to quit her day job pretty soon, if she hasn’t already.  Listen below.


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