This blog is a place where I explore the ever-expanding world of South Asians in both indie and mainstream popular culture (specifically in music, film, TV and comedy.) If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to comment here or find me on Twitter: @kabeersomething.


My name is Kabeer Malhotra. I am a second generation Indian-American and grew up in Princeton, New Jersey but have lived in New York since 2002. I currently reside in downtown Brooklyn.

I studied at NYU’s Gallatin School as an undergrad (with a concentration in music as a cultural force, a business and an art form) and then worked in the music industry as a publicist/digital marketer for almost five years. I am currently back at NYU, getting an MS in Integrated Marketing. I also do a bit of freelance music PR consulting on the side when I have the time.


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